Tulum, Mexico

When we were looking for a place to escape inauguration it was a bit of a challenge to find somewhere that met all of our criteria: 1. Out of the America, 2. Affordable 3. Accessible and 4. A mix of relaxation and adventure.

Since it always ends up being a longer day than anticipated with international travel (between getting to the airport earlier and going through customs) we didn’t want to spend half of it in transit for a long weekend. Therefore we narrowed our options down to Canada and Mexico. And with it being January, we didn’t want to go anywhere colder than DC in the winter. So Mexico it was, ole!

I began to research places, yet everything on the beach was too touristy for our taste and anything more inland would require far more logistics for this particular trip (although Mexico City is definitely on the top of my list now!). So I zoomed out further from the major cities and that’s how I discovered Tulum (which is often how I find the best destinations). I quickly realized that Tulum was the whole enchilada…and then some!

Part Mayan ruins, part jungle, meets crystal blue water all with a laid-back vibe, sustainable living and as many organic restaurants, juice bars and yoga you can possibly pack into a few mile stretch. Far enough off the beaten path that it’s not congested with tourists, yet it’s relatively convenient to get to. Just take the main highway from the Cancun airport about 90 minutes south, hang a left at the light (below) go less than a mile and you are there!

A bike-path lined, barely paved road (that has just enough room for one car to squeeze by each direction) goes about 4 miles from where Tulum begins (at the stoplight) and dead ends at the Sian-Ka’an reserve national park. Along the way are dozens of bungalow-style hotels nestled in, side by side each with its own security guarding the entrance (as parking and space is at a premium and to keep the beaches private from outside guests).